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    S1200BTL EFI drive detection issues




      I am attempting to update the BMC and FRU for this board. I have downloaded version 1.15 and the assocated release notes.


      I have followed the instructions to the point where I have booted into the EFI. from this point I cannot make any progress.


      I have attached a USB drive with the extracted contents of the version 1.15 archive. I cannot determine how to access this drive to run the scripts.


      I have also tried using a CD rom with the extracted contents and I find the same issue.


      Can some one please advise how you access either a USB drive or CD drive via the EFI interface please. This step seems to be missing from the all of the instructions I have found, both on web and in the install archive.


      Thank you


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          you should be seeing a prompt like this


          SHELL >

          Type MAP -r

          screen will display the drive mounts.

          You USB fob should be FS0: but it can be a higher FSx

          Assuming it is FS0: type FS0:

          Prompt will return

          FS0: >

          type startup,nsh

          the code update should run assuming you extracted the code to the root of the usb key.

          If not type

          CD WhatEverYouNamedTheCodeArchive

          then startup.nsh



          Last tip. If the USB fob is installed before you boot, the system will find it and run automatically if the code is in the root of the USB key.

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            Thank you for your response


            When the system boots it displays:


            EFI Shell Version 2.00 [4.632]

            Current running mode 1.1.2

            Device mapping table

            BLK0: BlockDevice - Alias (null)

            ACPI (PNP0!03,0) /PCI(1f|2) /Sata(5,0)


            When I do map -r I get the same as above.



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              Try different USB ports. Make sure the USB key is formatted with FAT/FAT32 file system.

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                Thank you both for your assistance. Your advice was spot on and I have now applied these updates etc.


                I also now have an almost silent server running in the background. You can literally hear the serenity.




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                  I need to poke this thread. Now that the FRU has been upgraded, I have very low fan RPM. Good for noise levels but I am concerned now because there is no change in fan speed regardless of load.


                  When I went through this process, I expected the opportunity to select some options that would set/configure the fan speed or set some parameters for it to operate within.


                  There were a number of prompts during the FRU upgrade process but no information about what response was required to those prompts. So I simply hit enter.


                  So I wanted to know, does the FRU upgrades mean the FAN speed is variable according to the heat levels experienced by the server or has this process just set the fan speed to a fixed low setting. Will the fan work harder when the system gets hotter as it doesn't seem to vary at the moment.


                  If I was supposed to provide a specific setting, how can I find information about what those settings are?


                  Thanks again.

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                    Which chassis are you using?

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                      The part # I am using is P4304BTLSHCNR. Not sure of the chassis # or if that is it.


                      Thank you


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                        Then it should be fine. The FRU/SDR upgrade program should detect the chassis automatically and apply the correct profile. Yes the fan speed is variable, based on components temperature. You can install Intel® Active System Console to monitor the sensor readings.

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                          ok excellent thank you. I would just like to hear the fans spin up a bit faster but I am having a hard time inducing a high enough increase in temps to get any change.


                          I can feel the temp rise by maybe 2 degrees but no increase in fan speed. Perhaps these intel chassis are just too darn efficient. They are definatelty our preferred solution for our customers.


                          ok so we will deploy as is.


                          I do not the Console reports a critical error:

                          CriticalL SPS FW Health reports SPS Health event type FW Status. Internal error during firmware execution. Image shall be updated to other version.


                          Not sure if that error originates from the update I did or some other issue after that time.

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                            Ok. Still have some issues. We deployed the server after making the changes. It's a work group unit and is not deployed in an environmentally controlled atmosphere.


                            There is no automatic variation in fan speed. The fans waft along as they have done after this change. I would estimate the fans are running at < 20% of the speed they were running at out of the box.


                            The server suffered a shutdown over this past weekend. I'm concerned we have aheat issue. Ambient temperatures are now climbing here. I would expect we have mid to high 30's C over the 2 days.


                            Is there a way to manage fan speed? Is there a way to revert to the previous condition where fan speed was just flat out.


                            This server has a 3rd party adaptec RAID controller on it. I am now concerned a roll back of the BIOS, if required would give us issues with the RAID Controller and that possible leads to issues with the whole OS installation.


                            Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

                            Thank you