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    DH77DF - Kernel-based Virtual Machine , freezes with FreeBsd AMD64

    michael vernersen



      Yesterday i bought a DH77DF Intel MotherBoard with an I3-3220T cpu.


      I'm running proxmox as the VPS Host and have done it for years. I can do any kind

      of Linux Virtualization 32 bit / 64 bit , OpenVZ etc etc.

      But when it comes to Installing a Freebsd 64-bit it simple freezes. I have another

      Intel DH67BL with an I5-2500K cpu and it works flawless.

      I never had have any issue with Full Intel setup mainboard + cpu + lan.


      I have tried the bios versions 100 , 102 ,103 with all versions of proxmox 2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2.

      And the result is the same. I have searching the Internet for nearly 2 days without any

      results. Are there any issues with this board regards stability or compability ????


      /Best Michael