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    About RAM MHz to Processor


      I read about Z77 chipset and there in image was showed that CPU supprot up to 1600MHz and i7 3770K also only 1600mhz. So that means it wont work with ram who will be faster than 1600MHz? i wanted to buy i7 3770K and ram 16GB kit of 4 modules with 2133mhz. Somone can explain what will change if i chose 1600mhz and what with 2133mhz?

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          The Intel® Core™ i7 processor I7- 3770K specifically supports memory running at 1333MHz and 1600MHz at 1.5V. Specific memory compatibility can be found at the processor data sheets, page 11:  https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/core/3rd-gen-core-desktop-vol-1-datasheet.html


          The operation of any Intel-manufactured product outside the published specifications for each part such as over clocking can result in data corruption, an unreliable system behavior and it is not technically supported from our side. It will also shorten the life of your product and void the warranty of your processor.


          In case you install higher memory specifications (you are free to use your products as you wish), this may or may not work; however, no reliability is guaranteed in case the system does boot.