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    Intel HD 4000 and FFXI

    giuliano riccio


      after installing the drivers update through windows update and successively through the intel site ( using the driver update utility the game fonts were pixelated and the characters were not visible anymore.

      Had to revert to v8 ( drivers.


      CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K

      OS: W7 64

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          Hi giuliano,


          I have some questions about this issue if you don't mind;

          -Are you running a laptop or a desktop?

          -What make/model is your system?

          -Have you tested this on the 2867 drivers we have on the website?

          -Can you provide a before/after screenshot of this issue?

          -Can you also provide a screenshot of your in-game graphics settings?


          Thank you,


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            giuliano riccio

            Hi nic,

            the system is a custom built desktop (snapshot)


            I have just tested the 2867 and gives the same issue.

            The screenshots are available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7mvt82lc5ygltm8/V_S_b8WXBu/intel

            In each folder, the first 2 screenshots show a different font rendering while the 3rd one is the character selection screen.

            The folder's last pic is a zoom out of the "character".

            FFXI uses an external application to set the settings. The relative screenshots are in the ffxi folder that you can find at the link above.

            Feel free to ask any other question that may help you investigating this issue.

            Thank you.

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              Thank you for providing all that information for me giuliano!  I've forwarded this to the proper folks to take a look at, and I'll let you know what happens with it.



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                William Elliott

                Having similar issues, long time Final Fantasy XI players, its a Lenovo PC desktop, would hate to have to return system but it may come to that, hopefully you guys can offer some help.


                sys info.jpg

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                  Just an update on the situation here;


                  I'm attempting to test your problem, but it's been a bit of a challenge getting a copy of the game, getting it working, and being able to log into it (I'm still attempting to get the last part figured out!)


                  If/when I'm able to get into the game and reproduce this issue for myself, I'll be able to submit a report for it and hopefully raise some flags for our developer folks.


                  I'll let you know if anything happens!


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                    Jarred Ray

                    I am having the same issue with the Intel HD 4000. Is there any news on a update coming out for the device?

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                      Having the same issues. This was an incredible disappointment. Waited years to play FFXI on the go with a fancy new laptop. This is my first experience with an Intel graphics card, so I'm hoping for a quick solution.

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                        giuliano riccio

                        hello nic,

                        are there any news? were you able to login?

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                          Hi giuliano,


                          Sorry for the delay.  After getting access to the game I had to go through a lot of work to get the trial account working.. not to mention I needed both an SE* account as well as a POL* one..


                          Long story short though, I was able to see the issues you are referring to on both HD 4000 as well as HD 3000.  I'll let you know if/when a fix is provided.  Thanks again for keeping up with this



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                            Xen Lang

                            Nic -


                            I have the issue start only after I "upgraded" from windows 7 to windows 8 on my laptap .


                            I have HD 3000.  Patiently waiting for a solution.



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                              peter replogle

                              I'm having the same problems. did anyone find a solution yet?

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                                Nic -

                                     I am having the same problem running FFXI on my laptop using the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver.  While using the pre-installed driver as well as the updated driver I run into the missing character model issue running the game.  One workaround that I have had success with was changing the video card driver to another that I'm assuming is packaged with the driver or a very basic driver that comes with the operating system.  If you go to the device manager , right click the graphics adapter, update driver software, browse my computer for driver software, select let me pick a driver from my pc, then select the driver with words in parenthesis FFXI will run after a system restart.  Mine says "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000(Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2)."  This is just a workaround for FFXI though, other games like Minecraft will not run if you are not using the current driver.  I hope this helps provide direction for a new driver that will work properly with the game, it would be nice to play without restarting my pc before and after.  Thank you.

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                                  Thanks for the suggestion Darrell.  As always, I'll let you all know when the solution is available!  If anyone else in this thread experiencing the issue wants to give Darrell's suggestion a try (my 2nd trial account has also expired!), please report back if you have any success with it .


                                  Thanks again,


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                                    temporary solution is...


                                    use old driver v8.15.10.2761


                                    manually revert to pre-installed driver v9.17.10.2768
                                    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000(Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2)


                                    Laptop with Nvidia Optimus:
                                    go into the Nvidia control panel, click "Manage 3D settings", Under "Preferred graphics processor"
                                    change it from "Auto-Select" to "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor".

                                    Otherwise, customize only "Playonline" to "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor"

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