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    GMA 3600, Acer netbook, graphical tearing after wake



      I'm experiencing a strange issue. Not sure if it's to do with drivers or anything, but it's a new machine. Hardware should be fine.


      When waking from hibernate, any graphical task (media players, flash, tool tips fading in and out) will tear the screen horizontally for about half a second.



      Win7 baby x86_32

      Intel Atom 2600/GMA 3600

      Intel GMA driver is up to date.


      Any ideas what the issue could be?

      Could it be some kind of power management thing?

      Google suggests that others have this problem (I found a thread in this forum, but wasn't sure if it was the same issue or not).

      Is there an old driver that I can use to alleviate this? Disabling the graphics driver in the Device Manager seems to help, actually, but then I don't get proper functionality.