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    Hmm...will there be an H100 from Intel ?


      Hey Intel and hey community. I'm not so active in forum, getting here rarely, so maybe i missed this topic which i'm going to discuss or ask. Will or maybe when, Intel is going to make and release H100 liquid cooling system ? I really like H80, it's cool with LED around and having it as liquid, i don't like Corsair, but i'm struggling between H80 from Intel and H100 from Corsair which i don't like, it's better in cooling, but i don't like it, it's too regular, simple and tubes are not so convincing me about safety.


      I wish Intel is going to make H100 with double fans and blue led lights with intel logo which glows in LED too, like H80, only with double the radiator and another 120mm fan, cause i like Intel and i want to get the liquid cooler from you guys, so...while i'm collecting money to buy one later after i'll get other parts, while i'm collecting i wish to ask just in case, and i'm ready to wait if you're not making but consider after this to make some.


      I have i7 2600k, got it 6 months ago, but i can't overclock it cause i have your stock cooler, and i have Kingston T1 RAM 8 GB (2x4), it's cooling radiator is too long to have zalman cnps12x cooler, so i found later your liquid cooler and i wish you to make H100 version, then i'll take it for sure 100%, cause you convinced me about your quality, your tubes are just great in any situation, they can't break and leak, and the LED lights on fan and Intel logo, will make my CPU look great and i'll be able to overclock, heck...even your performance of cooling will overpower the corsairs H100, cause your H80 is close to H100 in performance about overclocking.