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    Virtual Driver Slow Down Windows Boot (RTW3B080)

    Rick Angelico

      Wonder if someone could shine some light on this issue.

      I have a Raid Controller RTW3B080 with fFast Path IO and a Expansion card RES2SV240 with 4 virtual driver

      1-  4x SSD's  in Raid 0 where the OS resides.

      2-  9x 3TB  in Raid 6.

      3-  2x 3TB in Raid 1

      4- 1x SSD CasheCade


      Here is the problem: The VD in Raid 6 i causing the Windows 7 take several minutes to boot, I know this because I can tell by looking the enclosure LED

      lights blinking very slowly, if I reformat the VD  Windows will boot in about 15 seconds but eventually after a while it will happen again and Windows will take several minutes to load.

      I have update the firmware/drivers - (  not sure about the Expansion Card but once windows load everything works perfectly.

      I don't know if was I good explanation but maybe someone here understood and could help me solve this issue.