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    Intel HD 4000 driver does not sustain update


      Okay, so this is a new laptop, and it came with Intel HD graphics 4000 with an earlier update.


      So, because I had seen that the base update that the computer had came with did not allow me to hot-key rotating the screen any certain degrees, I had gone to the Intel website to find any updated drivers to my current computer.


      After finding most and installing the lot of them, the most recent update for Intel HD 4000 Graphics I installed without a hitch and I had finally restarted my computer. Things went seamlessly from then on until I went to shut down my computer because I was done using it.


      Then when I had come back to turn it on, I had noticed that the driver had seemingly uninstalled itself and all of its components, making me reinstall and still obtain the same results. I would restart after installation, then the next shutdown or restart, the driver would uninstall. So I've been recently just reinstalling many a times, and having gotten sick of it, come here to hopefully find a solution.


      In short, my Intel HD 4000 Graphics driver, when updated, uninstalls itself after the second shutdown, and all of its components are gone. Please help me figure out how to sustain the changes made to the driver.