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    Hypervisor capability for Dell Precision 690




      I've recently inherited a Dell Precision 690 and want to create VMs on it but I cannot find a way to enable the hypervisor on the Intel Xeon 5150 2.66GHz. Is this possible or what processors could be recommended to do this?

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          The Intel® Xeon Processor 5150 support Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x); this feature is to be enabled/disabled through the system BIOS. For assistance on locating this option within your system BIOS, we recommend you contacting Dell* which is your system developer.


          Furthermore, please keep in mind OEM system builders (such as HP*, Dell*, etc) very often customize the processors at a BIOS level, meaning you will need to confirm with your system builder whether this feature is actually present on your  Intel® Xeon Processor 5150 or not, for you to be able to take advantage of it.