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    Centrino Advanced-N 6235 speed issues and N mode not working



      I've this card installed in my new Sony Vaio SVS 1512Z1. The card is supposed to have n mode and going to card setting I have the option "802.11n Mode" in "activated". But, if I force my router to accept only 802.11n clients the connection simply drops and cannot reconnect again. Another laptop with a broadcom card works perfectly in that situation. So where is the problem? Is my card faulty?


      In terms of speed it's really poor, it only reaches 30 Mb while the Samsung gets 48 Mb, same place same network same everything for the comparison.


      My card came with driver version (august 2012). Updating to latest ones (October 2012) connectivity in n mode is still not possible and speed is even worse, so I've reverted to August drivers.


      Can someone point a solution please?

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