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    Is it safe to UNDERclock FSB?


      A MoBo (non-Intel) specifications say 1066 FSB is supported and 1333 is 'supported' by overclocking.

      Q9550 (Q9450) processor is on the list of supported CPU-s. Its rated FSB is 1333 MHz.


      I have 1066 MHz RAM and I don't need 1333 FSB for the CPU. Since the 1333 MHz FSB in the motherboard needs the special care - as I understand the "O.C." - I don't need it even more.


      I am wondering now if the Q9550 CPU is able to run correctly, I mean as RELIABLE as on rated FSB, on 1066 FSB.

      Well, the specifications say that individual processor can work only at rated FSB frequency. This alone looks like an answer to my question. However, I am curious what risks underclocking FSB can pose.


      I can put there the famous Q6600 but Q9450 seems to be more efficient and colder at the same frequency.


      Should I assume that Intel takes no responsibility for reliability of processors run with FSB frequency lower than rated?

      Does anyone have any experience with underclocking FSB?