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    trying to install iastor.sys updated driver


      I have a Toshiba laptop Qosmio x505-870 Win7 SP1 that has recurring BSOD that has been identified to iastor.sys

      the version that I have installed is, the current version is


      I have an Intel 5 series 6 port SATA AHCI controller.


      I have downloaded the RST_10.0.1046_WHQL_RAID_AHCI_drv_and_GUI.zip

      but when I extract all files, I do not find any file to execute for an install

      (i,e, no setup.exe or the like).  The file (iastor.sys) is located within the extracted

      zip file in the x64 folder.


      I don't know what to do, am I not following the instructions correctly?  I have read

      (and printed) the readme.txt and am confused about section 5.2 Window Automated Installer

      procedure - is this a utility I should have?


      I live in Mexico and there is no support for errors such as this availabe here therefore I am

      trying to solve this myself.


      I sure would like some help, if anyone has any hints, I would appreciate it - even if you tell

      me I am totally going the wrong way!