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    Performance / Power Management ASUS EP 121 (i5 Sandy Bridge) & Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail


      Is anyone familiar with Power Management, High Performance, Intel i5 Sandy Bridge, and the ASUS EP 12?


      I'm asking this of all the experts: ASUS, Microsoft, and Intel. Although for Intel and Microsoft I have to ask on these forums and hope someone expert on this arcane subject will see my question.


      Summary: Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail poor performance (speed like an Atom not an i5) from purchase of an ASUS EP121


      As I posted this problem in I'll just copy paste it here.


      I'm asking hear because I'm invariably told to install and use ThrottleStop or flash my ASUS EP121 Slate BIOS with a non-manufacturer modded latest version of the ASUS EP 121  BIOS (it way to expensive a computer to do that).  Also I know it's not needed because at one time I had High Performance (like an i5) with Windows 8 RTM  not Intel Atom Performance with Windows 8 Retail.


      OK, I've just spent the last hour trying out the following:


      ThrottleStop 5.0 : has no effect on system performance (ran about 10 - 15 tests)

      (e.g. about 140 - 144 seconds to run their Benchmark with 4 threads and 32MB.

      I ran this for off / Performance / Gaming / Internet / Battery)


      So then I searched for the newest Intel Chipset drivers (C77 posted a link from Intel earlier to them) and now my drivers look like this according to Intel's autodetection site:


      a. Graphics Driver

                Intel(R) HD Graphics -

                - An Intel device was detected but your operating system is not supported by this utility.

                  Please visit Download Center to look for available software.

                - driver is from Windows Update and supplied by Intel

                   - even includes the Gear  / Intel Graphics Configuration Utility that won't run

                     until you download an old copy of .Net 3.5 / 4.0  runtime 


      b. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility (Chipset INF) -

                - Key thing here: no product detected!

                - This version is valid.


      c. Audio Driver for Intel Desktop Board

               Realtek High Definition Audio -

               - device in unknown or unsupported (actual driver is direct from Windows Update)


      d. Wireless Networking (WiFi)

              Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 -

              -  Your driver is current.


      e. Wired Networking

             Not applicable


      This is unmodded 704 BIOS installed by ASUS in 1st half of September at the factory. Seeing there are 2 version of 701 BIOS on their website and the 704 BIOS was only released at the end of October by ASUS I wonder if my BIOS is actually BIOS 704.


      My CPU and Graphics Power Performance are set to 100% / High Performance for both Minimum and Maximum CPU states and for both Battery and Plugin Power. 


      So as you can see I'm getting Intel Atom performance out of an Intel i5.


      This is Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail (US) released and downloaded from MSDN network.


      I previous has Intel i5 performance on my previous installation on this same EP121 computer using Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM and I remember distinctly having the same mediocre (poor to be blunt really) performance from the Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM until I manually adjusted the Power Setting to be 'High Performance'. That's it: no ThrottleStop, no BIOS mod, no 'optimization software' (e.g. RegCleanPro and any number of similar products) of any kind: just Windows 8 Pro x64.


      Compare my Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM Power Settings:High Performance


      Processor          : 5.6

      RAM                   : 5.6

      Graphics             : 3.2

      Gaming Graphics: 4.5

      Primary Harddisk: 7.7


      to what I get now with Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail (Power Settings: High Performance)


      Processor          : 3.1

      RAM                   : 4.6

      Graphics             : 2.4

      Gaming Graphics: 3.2

      Primary Harddisk: 7.6


      Those numbers there are what my Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM install performed like until I changed the Power Settings to High Performance so to me, along with the fact the ThrottleStop doesn't change performance, says to me Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail is ignoring configuration requests for 'High Performance.


      So ThrottleStop and a modded BIOS aren't needed. It must be coincidence that this works for some of you or actually I think following the instructions in ThrottleStop to set Power Settings to High Performance was enough to give those with EP121s that seemed to be helped by ThrottleStop the kind of performance you'd expect for a modern intel i5 computer costing over $1000.


      Has anyone had similar experience? My results show there is something wrong that is throttling performance unrelated to ThrottleStop or a modded BIOS as my experience demonstrates a huge performance difference just be changing Power Settings to High Performance previously (as you'd expect an expensive Slate PC like this to perform).


      Thanks very much.


      P.S. the only other difference between the 2 installs (the High Performance Windows 8 RTM vs. the Poor Performance Windows 8 Retail) was I clean installed Windows 7 Pro x64 before immediately upgrading to Windows 8 RTM for the 'High Performance' install I had previously.


      This tells me that Microsoft / ASUS / Intel support is incomplete is a very important way for the ASUS EP121 and Windows 8.

      OK, I was advised by a person at Tablet PC Forums to 'uncheck' 'BD PROCHOT' in ThrottleStop and that immediately doubled brought the CPU, RAM, and Harddisk performance up to Intel i5 High Performance Standards (Speed immediately doubled from 650 MHz to 1300 MHz). However Graphics and Gaming Graphics performance stayed poor like Intel Atom poor. I'm referring to the Windows Experience Index as the arbiter.  Perhaps the will help diagnose what is wrong with my Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail install on this ASUS EP121. ++++ from Table PC Forums +++++ I was going to try that but the man page for ThrottleStop made it sound risky.    It helped but performance is still not up to par with what I had with Windows 8 Pro 64 RTM. I'm speaking graphics wise the Processor, Memory, and Primary Harddisk are about what they were before with RTM:   BD PROCHOT checked : Speed 0.64 GHz  BD PROCHOT unchecked: Speed 1.36 GHz   Approximate Maximum during Windows Experience Index:   about 13.00 x 133.00 MHz = about 1750 MHz   Processor : 5.6  RAM : 5.6  Graphics : 2.4  Gaming Graphics: 3.2  Primary Harddisk : 7.6   So I add addendums to my requests for help at Intel, Microsoft, and ASUS. My previous installs of Windows 8 and Windows 7 clearly show that good performance is possible with these EP121s with Windows 7 and Windows 8 without any special mods or 3rd party SW.   P.S.   Temperatures:   BD PROCHOT checked: Avg Quiet Max  Core 1: 58 65  Core 2: 58 65  Core 3: 45 55  Core 4: 45 55  BD PROCHOT unchecked: Avg Quiet Max  Core 1: 58 73  Core 2: 58 73  Core 3: 45 65  Core 4: 45 65   so since like most Intel CPUs they are rated to 100 - 105C I think this is safe. I think only if you play games or create renders that take hours you might want to configure a temperature induced ThrottleStop profile switch.   I'm still frustrate at the Graphics. ThrottleStop says Intel GPUs are unsupported.   Thanks again.  +++++ from Tablet PC Forum +++++


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        • 1. Re: Performance / Power Management ASUS EP 121 (i5 Sandy Bridge) & Windows 8 Pro x64 Retail

          So at the suggestion of a person at the Tablet PC Forums I download the Intel Turbo Booster Monitor application to help diagnose the problem further if any of you can help.


          My follow up post on Tablet PC Forums is as follows:


          +++++ tablet PC forums +++++



            So I couldn't find an 'Intel Turbo Booster Technology' driver but I did find a 'Intel Turbo Technology' Monitor 2.6.

            Can you tell me where the link to the driver is?

            Also it seems I was wrong about ThrottleStop making registry changes (at least persistent ones across reboot).

            Anyway the Intel Turbo Booster Monitor is very handy. I did the following after installing it:

            1. Rebooted and the ThrottleStop is not running:
              a. Ran WEI with the Intel Turbo Booster Monitor running and observed that the blue speed bar didn't exceed the 'Energy Saver' maximum throttled at 450Mhz.
              b. It 'seemed' like it took much longer to run but I didn't time it. After the test finished all the WEI numbers remained unchanged.
              c. This showed me the ThrottleStop changes weren't persistent across reboots.

            2. Start ThrottleStop
              a. Ran the WEI again and this time it seems to run much faster although I didn't time it. Several times the speed maxed out at 1.86GHz (I think that is the maximum). Still all the WEI entries remained unchanged.

            3. Exit ThrottleStop.
              a. Ran the WEI again and it finishes quickly as well. The WEI entries remain unchanged when the tests are finished. ThrottleStop's effects (at least the speed that I notice) remain effective as long as I don't reboot (or possibly log out and log in, I haven't tried). Maybe a register is set somewhere.

            So this basically tells me the WEI is rather worthless as a test set (or at least it has bugs Microsoft needs to fix). I did change the password on the Guest and Administrator accounts to something other than what the default is as a security measure and Windows warned would cause the original certification issued for those accounts to be revoked and might cause problems though I wouldn't expect the WEI to be affected by such a thing.

            The behavior bb_tt obverses is the correct behavior. He does not have a modded BIOS or use ThrottleStop. You do not (rather should not) need ThrottleStop or a modded BIOS for Intel Turbo Boost Technology to work. When you run the Turbo Boost Monitor application you should see the blue bar jump up and down according to the activity on your PC and also a green 'Energy Saver' Leaf will appear after the speed drops to 450MHz or lower. Sitting here typing this the Speed MHz blue bar monitor is 0 or rather very low as the program doesn't show the speed for low MHz levels.

            The behavior myself and others see: the Turbo Booster Monitor blue bar never exceeding 450MHz no matter what the computer is doing is the wrong behavior (unless you use ThrottleStop to change to settings as the Power Setting in Intel Graphics and Windows Settings don't seem to work) and that is what I asked ASUS Product Support (and the Intel and Microsoft TechNet Forums) to give us an answer too.

            So I'll update this thread when I get an answer.

            The fans aren't the problem as I only ever had a problem with them once when I accidently disconnected them from the thermometer. Then they were surprisingly loud for such little fans but as soon as I reconnected the thermometer they were quiet again.




          +++++ tablet PC forums +++++

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