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    Problem while trying to duplicate screens


      Hi guys,


      I own a rather old LG510 laptop running a Windows 7 OS with the Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family. Before yesterday, I simply connected my Samsung TV to my laptop using a regular HDMI cable and the video/sound worked perfectly. Yesterday, I entered the Intel website and updated my drivers as a perquisite to installing a new game I purchased. Shortly after, I noticed that after connecting my HDMI cable - The sound doesn't work on the TV (still works on the laptop), and the TV screen does clone my laptop screen, but the picture is centered (not making full use of the TV screen) and for some reason not in full-screen anymore.


      I tried playing with the options using the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile application but nothing really changed anything or helped.


      Dear community, please help

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          Hi Ram,


          I need to ask you a few questions about your system if you don't mind;

          -What driver version are you using?

          -What driver were you using before hand?

          -What game were you trying to play?

          -Is your OS 32 or 64 bit?

          -Does your laptop connect directly to the TV via HDMI? Or does it go through adapters/switching units?

          -What is the exact make/model of your laptop?