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    HD3000 Invalid INF


      When trying to get the new driver update through Windows 8 for my integrated HD3000 Intel graphics, I get the following error that pops up:


      "A service installation section in this inf is invalid."


      How would one go about fixing said error?

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          When you say "When trying to get the new driver update through Windows 8" ,, are you saying you are running
          Windows Update to update your drivers?

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            There is an update for the driver through Windows Update. Odd, but is needed. I believe through device manager it is the same.


            New update on the issue: Somehow I guess it installed a 9.17 version already, I am updating that right now as a new one came out. From that, I will restart my computer and see if it works. Quite odd...


            Edit 2: After 5 hours of my computer being a vegetable I finally managed to restore it. Bad idea up above. I still have the 9.17, well had. I am replacing it with the 8 from dell which was made for my computer. Anyone got any insight on this yet?

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              Anyone know how to fix this?