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    I5 2500K Stock fan pins bent


      Hi there, so after finding out that my stock fan hasnt been properly seated for a while,I tried to reseat the pins into the wholes however ... the outer plastic pins http://i.imgur.com/3VIMv.png aren't going in the hole. They are colliding against the Mobo and being bent into a 45 degree angle once pushed in.


      Nothing is really making them stick together in order for em fit in the holes.


      I guess cutting the outer plastic parts is out of the question?


      Any suggestions you guys could provide me with?


      Really dont want to buy a new fan due to this ;/


      Thanks for reading.

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          I've had this happen before. The best solution is to remove the motherboard from the case and install the heatsink fan assembly using your hands to hold the board on the underside as you push down and click lock the four corners. You can make sure the 4 pins are fully dropping thru the holes before you lock into place.  It's a delicate procedure, you have to make sure you aren't bending or flexing anything, and of course you need to be totally grounded so you don't damage anything with a static discharge.