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    new build with DZ77BH-55K


      I have a new build with a DZ77BH-55K board in a Rosewill Blackbone case. The front panel has an eSATA external port, and as far as I can see the cable for this on the inside of the case has a regular SATA plug on it. It doesn't look like there is an eSATA plug on the mobo. Should I just plug the eSATA cable in to one of the available 3GB/s SATA plugs on the board?

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          yes, plug into a normal SATA port, if I remember blue is SATA 6GB Black is SATA 3GB, Grey is 3rd party.

          I suggest plugging your internal hard drive\ssd into blue, and the optical and external sata into black. E-SATA is on the back of the mobo panel with the other ports (usb, ethernet,etc.)

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            Hi Shaun. Thanks. Board specs have blue and gray as 6 GB/s and black as 3 GB/s. I'm guessing that I can just connect the front panel esata port cable to any of the other available and remaining 3GB/s plugs on the mobo, correct?