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    i7-3930k C1 stepping issue


      Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge-E 3.2GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 2011 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor BX80619i73930K

      i ordered the above CPU from Newegg along with a ASUS Sabertooth x79 MB. i noticed in the BIOS it listed it as "C1 stepping" and not "C2 stepping".

      i checked with Intel's site prior to ordering for the sSPEC code of  SR0KY to ensure it was C2 stepping and VT-d.  that spec code was on the CPU box too, yet the BIOS and ESXi both returned it was a "C1 stepping" CPU.


      I RMA'd the CPU and Newegg tells me they can't guarantee a new CPU will have the C2 stepping.


      so, where can i buy this CPU and ensure it is indeed an newer version with the C2 stepping/VT-d capabilities?