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    Does DX79SR support dual monitor display?


      I am looking to build a system with the DX79SR board and want to know if it supports dual monitor display out of the box?  If not, I will purchase a video card to handle that.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Ziad Aghar

          I have the same board with the quad core i7 3820.

          I don't think the X79 Chipset supports integrated graphics "I mean other boards then the DX79SR". As for the DX79SR it surely doesn't support any video out since it doesn't have an integrated graphics, nor there any any video out "such as HDMI, DVI-D, etc.." on the board itself.

          You surely have to use a Graphic card.


          Word of advice:

          If you are an overclocker, don't get Intel boards. Go for something like Asus or Gigabyte. If u want to run the your rig & stock speeds with minor tweaking it's the right board for you.

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            I have a DX79SR mobo with an I7 3930K, 64Gb ram, OCZ Revodrive 3X PCIe SSD .  My EVGA GTX 680 (wirh 4Gb ram) video card supports 2 55" monitors very nicely.  I can play a 3D blu ray movie on on monitor and GTA 4 on the other monitor without any slow down.  Another time I played 17 k-lite codec videos in small windows across both monitors before any slow down was noticed.

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              Ziad Aghar

              Yeah the performance is very nice. Somehow I felt the six core CPU was an overkill so I went for a quad-core "3820".

              Nonetheless, the only game which seems to beat down my rig is Batman AC. I have a gigabyte 680 SOC & threw in another Gigabyte 470 SOC as dedicated PhysX card & still can't max it out.


              Any thoughts Stephen??