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    igfxpph.dll causes a crash of MFC CFileDialog in win7 64bit


      leHello everyone,


      I recently found that my 64bit MFC apps are crashed when clicking right mouse button in CFileDialog.

      After some investigation, I found that igfxpph.dll causes the crash.


      My systems (3 PCs) are as follows:

      1) i5 3550 / ASUS P8H61 Pro

      2) i5 3570K / ASRock Z77 Extreme4

      3) i3 3220 / ASUS P8H61 M-LE

      4) S/W: Windows7 64bit professional (KOR), Visual Studio 2010 SP1

      4) tested igfx drivers: 10/23/2012, 05/15/2012


      This problem is very easy to reproduce,


      1) run Visual Studio 2010 (or 2008, may be)

      2) File -> New -> Project -> choose MFC application -> Finish

      3) add x64 platform configuration (note that 32bit apps does not suffer from the above problem)

      4) build & run the MFC app

      5) File -> Open. CFileDialog pops up.

      6) click right mouse button in the file selection dialog with no files selected

           (to call the shell context menu, not file context menu. however file context menu also crashes sometime.) 

      7) crash


      When I unregister igfxpph.dll (regsvr32 /u igfxpph.dll), this problem is disappeared.


      Does anyone have solutions?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          You could please specify the driver versions that you have tested with?


          Please be aware that we provide generic drivers that have not been developed or tested specially for your system. Each motherboard, laptop or Original Equipment Manufacturer can add, remove and change features on the video controllers they implement on their systems. Therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes. So we always recommend using the latest drivers provided directly by your motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer.


          Keeping that in consideration, have you tried using the drivers provided directly by the motherboard manufacturers? Do you see the same issue when using their drivers too.


          Additionally, please copy and paste the diagnostic report that is generated by Intel® Graphics and Media control panel. The instructions on how to get this report are available here:



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            Hi diskerr,


            The igfxpph.dll that you are experiencing issues with is one of the supporting files for the Intel Common User Interface, i.e. Intel® Graphics and Media Control Panel.  You said that you tested with the 10/23/2012 driver (.2875) and the 05/15/2012 driver (not sure which one this is).  Can you try using the .2867 driver we have in the download center?  Additionally, before you install/update anymore drivers, please try doing an 'uninstall' of the driver in its entirety.


            Let me know if this doesn't work.  Thanks,


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              OK I'll test it after this weekends.


              the 05/15/2012 thing is my mistake, it is 2696 driver which is released in 2012-03-19.


              Anyway, with further investigation, the problem occurs only when a 64-bit program runs under the VC IDE.

              An excutable file itself that is invoked by windows explorer does not have the problem.

              Thus it might not be a harmful problem, but it bothers me when I developing and testing applications.