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    DZ68DB  EB boot issue.


      I have a DZ68DB board with BIOS 0043 on it. It seems to run just fine, though I have noticed something some days ago which I am not sure if it is a problem or not and I think that it started happening a while ago. When I turn on my computer (switch on the PSU and press the tower "on" button)  and when I reboot the system the code "EB" on the right corner and the F2,F7 etc. options are displayed.  BUT when I shut my computer off (shutdown windows) WITHOUT switching the PSU off (which means that the board stills receives power as the green board led indicates) and turn the PC on again THEN no EB code and no F2,F7 etc. BIOS options are displayed. However I can still enter BIOS, the system does not hang and  seems to boot without issues. Why is this happening? What could cause this behaviour? I have always had the same internal or external devices connected without having changed anything hardware related.

      Thank you in advance!