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    SSD 330 installation on HP Mini 311c (Windows XP)?


      I've installed a 120GB Intel 330 SSD into my old HP Mini311c-1101SA notebook. I'm running Windows XP SP3. The notebook has Nvidia ION LE chipset.


      Everything went fine for installation, except that the drive has less than stellar performance. Running benchmarks it looks like it's about half the speed it should be, even taking into account that the motherboard is SATAII only.


      I've aligned the drive using the Norton tool, so that is not the issue.


      However, when I start up the SSD Toolbox it says that it is unable to communicate with the drive. I assume this means I have the wrong chipset drivers.


      Do I need to reinstall XP slipstreaming AHCI drivers and will this sort out my performance issues?


      Thanks in advance for any guidance.