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    MS-3871 Windows 8 Drivers


      I have an intel board that came with a wifi/bluetooth module (MS-3871) and just recently upgraded to windows 8. I cannot get bluetooth to work and the wifi does not automatically connect after a cold boot.


      I believe there is a Ralink wifi device and Motorola Bluetooth 2.1 EDR.


      Does anyone know where I could get Windows 8 drivers for this product?


      Product: Desktop Boards — Wireless LAN (WiFi) and Bluetooth* module

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          Did you install intel drivers for the module or are you using the drivers that shipped with Windows 8? When I was using the module under Windows XP I had to install the intel drivers. When I upgraded to Windows 7 the OS had all the drivers needed to make the module work so I never installed anything.


          Intel lists the driver for the module as working with Windows 8:


          Download Center


          If the driver doesn't seem to be working under Windows 8 and you are still looking for a solution you can try downloading the driver from Ralink. The module driver is listed as a RT2870. Their website appears to be down now but maybe it will work later in the day.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            I am using the driver you said to use for wireless. Like I said it just has trouble during a cold boot with automatically connecting to my network. Windows does tell it to automatically connect. I'll try the other drivers later tonight and see what happens.


            The bluetooth module is causing the biggest problem. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 so it kept the motorola drivers. They would not allow me to add devices to it. So I uninstalled it and tried it with the generic windows 8 bluetooth driver. I can connect my headset, but if I power off my headset or shutdown my computer windows may or may not connect to it.


            I have also tried reinstalling the motorola drivers without success.


            Again thanks for the help.

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              I updated the new ralink driver's (RT 2870) it's really slow to connect to the wireless netowrk on cold boot but it does eventually. The wireless performance has greatly increased.

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                What connection link speed do you get with the Ralink driver? I gave up on the module because the connection speed was just so low, even with the computer in a room next to my wireless router. Maybe for basic connectivity it's ok. But when transferring a 1GB file takes 40 minutes that's when I called it quits on the thing and just ran an ethernet cable.

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                  All right so windows says I'm connected at 108mbps. When transferring files the speed definitely became very inconsistent. I am about 8 meters from the router and it has to go through a wall as well.


                  I did download a 1gb file from a USB 2.0 stick in my router to my PC and it took about 15min.

                  Uploading a 1gb file from my PC to the router took about the same time.


                  Not particularly fast. My router is an Asus RT-N16 running TomatoUSB.


                  Otherwise I guess I'll just have to wait for a bluetooth driver or find one that works with the device. Maybe a Windows update will make the generic one better.

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                    please see the info here, seems like there is an issue with the bluetooth as well, you may want to mention the wifi issue...


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                      please see the info here, seems like there is an issue with the bluetooth as well, you may want to mention the wifi issue...

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                        Hello can somebody help me. I have

                        Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG with

                        all components why my bluetooth its working and wifi not. Wifi module is not showing in my Hardware/Device manager can sombody tel me why blootueth its working and wifi not working ? Sory for my bad english.

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                          Hi Labi,


                          I am sorry you are having problems with the Wifi module. I would like you to try the following steps:


                          1. Update the BIOS in your system to the latest.
                          2. Check with the module manufacture (Motorola) if there is a firmware for this specific device.
                          3. Test a different header if possible on the motherboard.