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    TCP DUP ACKs and losing TCP packets



      I have been trying to solve this problem with Intel(R) PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter and using Intel(R) PROSet Version drivers.


      The network connects with 1 Gbps but I have already downgraded it to 100 Mbps but with no luck. It's still works slow. I changed all the wires but no luck.


      Now when I'm really desparate I used wireshark to capture packets, and something seems to be broken.


      There's lots of "TCP DUP ACK", "TCP previous segment lost", "TCP out of order" and "TCP Retransmission". This is when the network is used. When using FTP the prosentual loss is something like 50%. Even normal internet usage lost some packets. Both ends seem to say the same thing.


      Any ideas about this? For me it seems to be that NIC is broken.



      Tapani Mikkola

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