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    DQ77KB & i7-3570S no video, no beep


      Yesterday I bought the  DQ77KB & i5-3570S . When I assembled it and turned on it I did not get any video signal to HDMI. It looks like it's working, but no video. Because there are no beeps, and when you connect the keyboard and press CTRL-ALT-DELETE is restarted, as it should be. If you connect a USB flash drive, it will start to blink. It looks as if the built-in video system processor is not enabled. Or as if HDMI output is disabled and output enabled throw LDVS or Displayport . Could it be? If the version of the BIOS is old and does not support the processor should there be beeps? Or the system may to behave the same way?
      It's a real problem. Today I went to the store and returned the money. Then I went to another store and bought another object. With the new object is the same problem. CPU, memory, were tested on another working motherboard. The new motherboard is tested with another CPU. The problem remains.
      The configuration of my system:
      Core i7-3570S
      Kingston HyperX 1x2 Gb 1600Mhz CL9
      and Raveda DC 19V 150W output.
      DVI-monitor throw DVI-HDMI
      Help me, please!!