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    New BIOS for H67 (DH67BL) 0159


      Anyone try this new bios? Any problem? Any change?




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          Hello haspt,


          We would like to inform you that we don't have any issue reports from this specific BIOS version 0159 for the DH67BL.

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            Hello HASPT,


            I have exact the same issue described in this post : http://communities.intel.com/thread/30217?start=0&tstart=0

            The only solution is to go back to 0155 as described.

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              Hello HASP,


              here are the steps I can reproduce this issue on the DH67CF:


              1. I´m starting with the "working" BIOS 0155
              2. Go into BIOS and go to "Configuration->Fan Control & Real-Time Monitoring"
              3. Select "Restore Default Fan Control Configuration", "YES"
              4. Go back to main menu and select "Exit->Load BIOS Defaults", "YES"
              5. Select "Exit Saving Changes", "YES"


              Steps 2.-5. are also necessary when I´m downgrading from 0159 to 0155 again.

              From now on my rear-fan ist running quite with a 30 % duty cycle.


                   6. Now I´m upgrading to 0159 with the F7 method using the file BL0159.BIO

                   7. After BIOS-upgrade, the rear-fan is still running with a duty cycle of 30 %, but adjusting the duty cycle to another value has no effect

                   8. Go into BIOS and select "Exit->Load BIOS Defaults", "YES"

                   9. Select "Exit Saving Changes", "YES"

                   10. The rear-fan is still running with a duty cycle of 30 %, but adjusting the duty cycle to another value has no effect

                   11. Go into BIOS and go to "Configuration->Fan Control & Real-Time Monitoring"

                   12. Select "Restore Default Fan Control Configuration", "YES"

                   13. Exit and save the changes

                   14. From now on, the rear-fan is running at 100 % and the only solution is downgrading to 0155

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                I used the F7 method to update BIOS 0156 on my DH67GD board to 0159 but had to downgrade back to 0156 because... 0159 does not see my SSD (M4-CT128M4SSD2 version 010G).

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                  R B

                  After updating from 0156 to 0159 on my DH67GD (same board as BL, but with Firewire 1394 I/F added), I had an error message on every boot complaining about bad checksum on CMOS RAM.  I tried installing 0159 with both the BIOS loader and with the Windows installer with the same results. Going back to 0156 eliminated the problem.


                  P.S. I tried all sorts of things under 0159 to make sure CMOS memory (and presumably the checksum) was updated: changing BIOS settings (then saving and rebooting), then restoring them to default (saving and rebooting) and changing them again (saving and rebooting).  Nothing short of a rollback to 0156 helped.

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                    Also ran into the persistent checksum error on boot after updating from 0156 to 0159. Reloaded the BIOS defaults and the problem went away. Then it came back again a few days later (after I removed my video card - maybe coincidence, maybe not), and this time reloading BIOS defaults didn't fix it. And after the error again appearing through numerous reboots, the problem went away again seemingly at random.


                    Not clear it's a battery issue (the usual cause) because the error persisted through warm reboots after reloading BIOS defaults, and it's not actually losing any of my settings.

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                      I can also confirm that this kind of behavior occurs with DH67CL (minor differences in features and ATX form factor). CMOS Checksum warning appears after upgrading from 0156 using both USB flash drive + F7 and Express Update methods. BIOS update file was unlikely to be damaged as I downloaded them on two separate occasions. Neither loading BIOS defaults, using recovery jumper, removing CMOS battery, powering off the system for extended periods of time has permanently fixed the issue. I've checked CMOS battery voltage with a multimeter and it appears to be in good shape. Reverting back to version 0156 was the only viable option.

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                        R B

                        Meanwhile I have tried out 0160 with the same results: persistent CMOS checksum error messages, which could only be eliminated by going back to 0156.

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                          R B

                          Another less serious problem, which I already have in 0156, is that when starting with video display optimization (skips Intel boot screen), and holding the power button down (3 beeps, not one as suggested by explanation in BIOS), it is a matter of luck whether or not I can get into the boot menu or the BIOS setup.  It usually takes me several tries.  Most of the time, it asks me if I want to disable FastBoot permanently, but when that prompt appears, the (USB RF) keyboard doesn't work, so I can't respond and have to cold reboot.

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                            I have tried out 0160 with my board H67GD and got the same results: persistent CMOS checksum error messages, which could only be eliminated by going back to 0156.

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                              Tyler Kepple

                              I can't believe this. So lame.  I updated the BIOS because the video card settings will NOT use the onboard video NO MATTER WHAT.


                              Not sure what version I had, 0155 or 0156 but I updated to 0160 and now I get the CMOS checksum error and onboard video STILL won't work.  Way to go intel, you released an entirely broken product and I feel VERY ripped off.


                              You either owe me a free PCI-E video card (since video is supposed to be an included feature of the board) or you owe me a new but different board with similar respects to replace this piece of junk.  I am so tired of doing this dance with these baby huey companies that waddle their way from place to place never seeing their own feet before they plop down and crush people.


                              YOU people are COSTING ME MONEY.  If I have to keep dealing with this garbage I promise I am going to find a way to start costing YOU money.  Got it?  Here is my original post before trying the BIOS update:


                              "Here is the deal, intel messed up writing this bios.  I just had to figure it out.  Got two long beeps, pause two long beeps.  Only I thing could find by RTFM is that it is a video error.  Strange I thought, it has dvi and hdmi integrated video ports.


                              I plug in a video card, it boots!  I go into bios settings and manually force all the settings for the onboard video instead of PCI-E and remove the card, same issue.  I put the card back and boot, all my video settings are there but the bios seems to completely ignore them.


                              Way to go intel, way to cost me more time and money I will never get reimbursed for YOUR idiocy.  I hope you have a bios patch for this or you people OWE me a video card because it is supposed to come with the board.  I am NOT shelling out the cost of another mobo just to supplement vid because you guys can't write a bios.  Sheesh!

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                                Tyler Kepple

                                Just because you don't have reports doesn't mean there aren't issues.  The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence.  SO what do you plan to do to remedy this terrible product that intel should not even have put it's name on hmmmmmmm?  Because I personally am ****** and I will be rabble rousing all over the internet and with all my customers until I get what I paid for.  So that is your warning, it only goes downhill from here if you jerk me around.  Got it?  Good.

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                                  Constantly getting CMOS checksum error on boot following upgrade to BIOS 0160. Also the boot screen is no longer full-screen on my 1920x1080 via HDMI; it's a smaller square centered occupying about only half the screen.


                                  I was on a much lower version before (0119). Is the fix to downgrade to 0156? Apparently this checksum thing began with 0159...?


                                  Any explanation from Intel? Or is this board now done with 0160- no updates at all in 2013...


                                  Just what is missed by going down to 0156? 0160 doesn't seem to have much, just some fan, but release notes for 0159 looks extensive....

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                                    If you started getting this error since you updated the BIOS, what I recommend you is to roll back the BIOS to the version your system used to work OK.  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%22Intel+Desktop+Board+DH67BL%22&DownloadType=BIOS

                                    In the mean time, I am going to try to duplicate this issue and then escalate it to the Engineering team.



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