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    Intel 330 freezes on MacBook Pro/Mac OS X Mountian Lion(intel 330在MacBook Pro/Mac OS X Mountian Lion上有卡顿)


      My MacBook Pro was 470 (2008 late,MacBook Pro 5,1 Boot ROM:MBP51.007E.B06).I bought an intel 330 SSD 120G for my 470. My OS was 10.8.2. And I found my 470 got some freezes often whenever I turned Trim On or OFF. I thought the SSD's fireware had a bug for OS 10.8.x.

      我的MacBook Pro是470(2008 Late,MacBook Pro 5,1 Boot ROM版本:MBP51.007E.B06)。470上安装是intel 330 SSD 120G。OS X是10.8.2。无论是否打开Trim,470经常出现卡顿现象。应该是SSD固件对OS 10.8.x Pro的bug。