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    DZ77GA-70K UEFI shutdown/standby/restart issues

    justin strunk

      Seems that UEFI mode on the DZ77GA70K causes shutdown/restart/standby hangups and lockups 50% of the time within Windows 8 Pro. During a shutdown/restart lockup, it may just hang on the shutdown screen and require a manual poweroff to reboot, or hang for about 40 seconds than produce a Windows 8 BSOD screen that references "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION"


      Some times it does restart or shutdown or standby succefully, though.


      This has been apparent on BIOS 0053, 0057, 0058


      Disabling UEFI and installing windows on legacy BIOS seems to resolve the issue (shutdown/restart/standby) works correctley, however reinstalling on UEFI with Windows 8.


      All drivers are updated, and system was prior running Windows 7 with no issues in UEFI.


      IT seems this is also occurring for others in windows 8. I prior used the RTM, but have since reinstalled my retail purchased and activated copy on a fresh reformat. Issue contines to persist.