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    Intel ETU software problem with i7 920.


      Hi i have a i7 920 8mb cache , 2.6ghz Bloomfield CPU i tried using the Intel ETU software which came with it to overclock my CPU by 10% the least aggressive setting, anyway everything was going fine until  the software crashed and now it won't let me start the program keeps saying tuning in process even though this has been going on for 3 days now .. i was wondering is they a way to reset the software so i can re run it and maybe try again, i have uninstalled it/reinstalled and it just continues with the process gets to around 95% then software crashes again.. please help . sorry my description is a little vague .. if you need more info please ask what i need to post.. main thing is just to stop the software crashing my PC.. i assumed my CPU could be overclocked or it would not have the Intel ETU software supplied


      CPU temps aren't rising , just every now and then my PC restarts a little annoying.. if my CPU can't be overclocked never mind as long as i can stop the random restarts and reset my CPU back to default that would be great.

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          Even though you can find the Intel® ETU in the website as a processor utility it is actually provided for Intel® Extreme motherboards; you may want to verify this first. The i7-920 is not listed as Extreme processor.


          Regarding the issue you may try to reset the BIOS settings to default as the program interacts directly with it.

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            thanks for your reply, ok i will explain a little more and if you can answer any of the questions i ask that would be much appreciative , if not no problem thanks for taking your time to answer was grateful for what you have told me.


            Ok i bought a alienware computer it came with the i7 920 cpu i was talking about in my previous post and with a motherboard which says from cpu -z that is alienware motherboard model 0XDJ4C , chip set intel X58 and south bridge Intel, I'm not really technically minded when it comes to parts but i'm assuming this motherboard was made by Intel but supplied to alienware and they have added their logo to it.. if i'm wrong np problem as i say it's an assumption. If this motherboard is not a intel motherboard with the capabilities of being used with overclocking i'm wondering why alienware would supply such software pre installed on a computer they sell when it is not supposed to be overclocked wouldn't that be harmful towards other component's if it wasn't made for that purpose and leaving the software off would of been the best solution.


            Also how would i go about resetting the bios ?


            again thanks for taking your time to answer before.

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              It seems to be you have an Alienware motherboard with the Intel® X58 chipset.


              Resetting the BIOS is an operation specifically related to the motherboard / BIOS brand so it will be better to contact Alienware.


              Overclocking is a trial and error process; and we may say a relatively risky one as it forces the components to run faster than specified values provided by the manufacturer. Knowing that, if the Intel® ETU came with the computer then it may support overclocking but you may want to verify with Alienware just to be on the safe side. What I am trying to say is that even if the system supports overclocking, it does not mean it is a failsafe process, there are risks involved.