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    MFS5520VIR boot issues on SSD RAID 1




      Firmware: 11.6

      Compute Module: MFS5520VIR

      Boot Drive: Storage pool consisting of 2 Intel 320 Series 80GB SSDs (part #SSDSA2CW08) . Two virtual drives configured as RAID 1 arrays

      OS: VMWare ESX 5.1


      There are two compute modules that each have their boot drives configured on this storage pool. There are other compute modules in this chassis that use non-SSDs for their storage pools & virtual drives.


      The two compute modules using the SSD virtual drives consistently have issues booting. The watchdog timer always performs a hard reset at least once on these compute modules during reboots, often two and three times. The two events that appear in the event log are:


      3522 - BIOS FRB2 Watchdog timer expired - The server was hard reset


      3520 - Watchdog timer expired - The server was hard reset


      The compute modules that boot to drives in the non-SSD storage pools never have this issue. Has anyone else experienced this?