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    HD3000 and Windows 8 drivers strange behavior

    Karel Novotný

      Hello. I have upgraded my lenovo edge 11 (intel HM55, i3 380UM) to windows 8. First time, I chose to keep old settings and files. Well, there were some problems about wi-fi, but graphics worked well. I had about 4.2 score in W8 benchmark, even 4.5 with latest drivers. But, because of some problems, I tried to make a clean reinstall, now called "reset PC" in W8. After that, I had W8 default settings and big problem - in W8 benchark, score was only 2.5 and when I tried to install newer drivers, I saw warning, I would translate it like your PC cannot pass minimum requirement and install process will stop. I tried it to install manually and last time, it said that (latest w8) drivers are not compatible with my OS...


      Long story short - W8 with old W7 settings worked well, on clean W8, it's impossible to install new version of HD3000 drivers. How it is possible?

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          Hi Karel,


          Your processor comes with Intel® HD Graphics™, which does not receive driver support in Windows 8 directly from Intel®.  If you are running the retail version of Windows 8*, it will come with a default graphics driver for your processor.  Additionally, Microsoft has recently released an update through Windows Update to install a newer version of the in-box driver, which will be compatible with your processor.


          Thank you,


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            Karel Novotný

            Well, what I have read and lately verified by myself, these in-box drivers for W8 are not complete. Somebody says, there are opengl drivers missing, I don't know, but I'm sure, only in-box drivers don't work on 100%.

            I have downloaded older W7 drivers (supporting 1st gen of intel core processor) and installed them in W8 (throught changed igdlh64.inf and test mode in W8). Suddenly, in bechmark, I had almost 2x better results and OS worked slightly better.

            After that, I used Windows update and left W8 install the in-box drivers. Good performances stayed the same like with the old w7 driver, bechmark was better about 0.1 points.


            I'm sure, it's quite clear, that something from older drivers is missing in the "in-box" one for W8. And I'm sure, it's mistake and it should be repaired.


            Of course, It's all about 1st gen. core processors only.

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              You are correct Karel,


              The in-box driver for Windows 8 (2702) does not come with most features, incluidng OpenGL.  That is why they released the .2858 driver.  It comes with OpenGL and more features than the in-box, and is compatible with 1st gen HD Graphics™.