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    HD4000: mouse cursor jumping when mouse pointer is changing

    Patrick Nell

      I'm running Win 8 (64) on my new HP EliteBook 8470p.


      After connecting my secondary monitor (old Acer, 1280x1024) I noticed that whenever the mouse cursor is changing, for example while moving the pointer over a form field or text in firefox or moving it over the "border" of an application window, it's "jumping" a bit. This is quite irritating and also slowing down my workflow.


      I reinstalled Windows, updated the HD4000 driver to the latest version (before that I tried the one from the HP support site, their driver is a bit older), without being able to solve the issue. The only thing that seems to work is to only use one screen. Otherwise my system is working fine.


      I've searched the forum and found this message, that seems to describe a similar dual problem:



      Thank you very much for your help!


      Kind regards from Vienna (Austria),


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