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    Intel RST 9.6 update for G31/G33


      Hello all,

      apologies in advance for these questions but I'm a beginner here...

      I appear to have become another victim of cloning Vista from an older hard drive (512b sectors) to advanced format drive (4kb) - the most obvious symptom is Microsoft update not working.

      I have tried using the Acronis WD Align tool, which tells me my drive is already aligned, and the Hotfix from MS (KB 2553708) won't work - for the same reason update won't work (ironicly).

      WD recommends updating to Intel RST 9.6 to sort this problem out, see here:

      Product Features

      however being new to this I am somewhat hesitant about what drivers I should be installing - "ChipUtil" tells me I have a G31/G33 chipset, and the "chipset software installation utility" tells me I have version 8.3.0 for "Intel 6,5,4,3,900 Series Chipsets".


      There's no mention of the Intel RST update for these chips (but I suspect this is me getting confused), and more worrying if I do choose the wrong approach the advice on the Intel RST page says "If the operating system does install, do not try to upgrade to Intel RST
      version 9.6 without reinstalling your operating system."


      Please can anyone advise my best approach? Is there a 9.6 version available for my setup? And if I did install it is it likely to help!!?


      PS as part of this upgrade I was considering going to Windows 8 anyway - if I did this now would w8 fix this problem by default anyway? Ok, so I'm an optimist


      Thanks for any help in advance