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      I have replaced a faulty hd  in the ss4200 with a new one exactly the same. I got some questions about overwriting the new hd and at the end I have all the leds of the good hds off and one led  of the new hd steady amber. I dont know if something is going on and how much do I have to wait for the rebuilding knowing that the size of the disks is 4X750 Gigs and the data used about 400 Gigs. The problem is that at this time the data are unavailable and I dont know if the rebuilding is going on or not. There is not a clear situation about what is going on on the data. Here is a screenshot


      I have allready authorized the overwriting and pressed yes on the next screen and ok on the next also and then I returned on this screen. Is this normal?

      Is the rebuilding taking place ?


      Thank you for your help