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    Experiences with Expanding a Storage Pool?


      Hello Everyone,

      I have a question and maybe one of u can help.

      The situation is as follows:


      We have a MFSYS25 with two Storage Controllers and two switch modules.


      Storage Configuration:
           Storage Pool 1:  5 * 110GB SSD
           Storage Pool 2:  6 * 600GB SAS (1 for Hot spare)


      Storage Pool 2 is configured with two Virtual Drives, each 1115GB and used for VMWare ESX environment as two Datastores


      We want to add 3 * 600GB SAS to Storage Pool 2 to get more performance and storage.


      Does anyone have experience whit this process and do you have advice in this process? What should we take into consideration when expand our storagepool? I have some questions that need be answered before I can choose a strategy.


      Q1: How long can take the Expand operations with this configuration. Would it be Hours, Days or a weeks?

      Q2: Does this process affect the performance for my current running VMware Virtual Machines?

      Q3: How reliable is this process. Does anyone have experience in failing situation?

      Q4: Is there difference in adding all three HDD’s in one process(I suspect this is best?) or do I need to add one HDD at a time?

      Q5: Does the cache write back settings affect on this process? Is there a best option?


      Thanks in advance for any reactions


      Kind regards,