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    Configure Raid Storeage Technology silently?

    Davve Pavve



      I im responsible for deploying operating systems and applications via SCCM 2007. Now i got a new computer model, HP Z220 Workstation wich have a 450 HDD and a 24 GB SSD disk. The first thing to do is to install the RST wich i managed to do with the command:

      iata_enu.exe -Notray -Overwrite -noIRSTgui -S


      The problem now is that i manually have to configure the SSD-disk to be used as the accelerated device. Is there a way to configure this via the command line? I have a tool that is called raidcfg and raidcfg32 but i cant find it in the correct version. I have the RST version 11.6.01030.


      Please help me automate this process as i have a lot of computers of this model coming in to my company for installation.


      // Bartoooo