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    Chip Chat Podcast: Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series

    Allyson Klein

      Nehalem is a beautiful town on the Oregon coast a couple of hours from Portland,  the city where I live.  Think oyster beds, Pacific waters and fishing boats.  A  couple of months ago I was driving through Nehalem on the way to a crabbing trip  and was pulled over for speeding, nothing unfortunately significantly unique for  me, but something very ironic given my organization’s focus over the past year.   Intel often codenames its products based on towns, rivers and other  geographical features, and my group has been working on a smoking fast server  processor codenamed Nehalem. To call this chip a major step forward in  datacenter performance capability is almost not doing justice to the  processor…I’ve worked for Intel for a dozen years and can’t recall this kind of  microarchitecture innovation represented in a single product.  That’s why I was  excited to talk to the folks shepherding Nehalem to market.  This week Nehalem  experiences its birthday and becomes the Intel Xeon 5500 series processor.  To  celebrate its delivery I’m kicking off a series of Chip Chats with technologists  responsible for many of its breakthrough technologies.  This interview is  with Steve Thorne and focuses on how the 5500 series drives like Andretti.  That  speed makes me jealous…take a listen.