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    How to active "Secure Boot" with 7 series boards


      First of all: this explanation should be released by Intel CS or Engineers, not me.




      This article is only for Intel 7 series mother board, users of other series please ignore it.

      Before reading, please confirm that you want to use an add-in video card (NV or ATI) and you have a monitor with 2 input ports (2 monitors are perfect), otherwise please pass it by.


      O.K, now let me show you how to active both " Secure Boot " in Windows 8.

      My system configuration:

      DH77DF (Bios 0102),

      Nvidia Quadro 2000D,

      EIZO S1961 with VGA & DVI input ports.


        Step 1.

      Upgrade your MB bios to the newest version.



      Step 2.

      Connect both your add-in video card and IGP to your monitor. (This procedure is the point)


      Step 3.

      Config IGP settings in Visual Bios mode as below.

      igp settings.jpg





      Step 4.

      Config "Secure Boot" in Legacy  Bios mode.

      sb 01.jpg




      sb 02.jpg


      When all finished press "F10" and confirm "Y" to reboot


      When this logo appeard during booting windows, it means our settings work.

      intel logo.jpg






      You can see 2 video cards in system, they both work.

      Install or not install IGP driver does not matter, I installed it.

      2 vga.jpg


      IGP occupies about 70M ram, but I do not care, I have 8 Gigabytes




      You can switch between them. If you do not know which one you are using, check " Advanced Settings "

      vga switch.jpg


      quadro 2000.jpg



      Finally, press "Win" + "R", type "msinfo32.exe" to check " Secure Boot " status

      uefi check.jpg



      This method exists an inconvenience which is made by Intel:

      Because IGP (DVI port) is set to Primary in Bios, so every time I power on my PC,

      the windows log screen is always black screen if Quadro 2000D is set to "Show desktop on only on 2".

      I have to press a button on monitor to switch to Quadro 2000 (VGA port) manually.


      Now, everything is OK.

      if you select all "Optimizations" like me, Congratulations, You have the fastest Windows 8 booting speed in an Intel Board.


      Special thanks to Community Member :snervt, I made this inspired by his test.


      Now I am tired and need a cop of coffee, try it if you want to your Windows 8 runs perfectly





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