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    Can't Get Intel Wireless Adapter 4965AG Operational Under Windows 7


      Intel wireless wifi link 4965 does not function under windows 7. I'm running a Lenovo ideapad Y510, Avast antivirus and windows firewall. Unit was running Vista, sprung for a new HD and Win7 home premium and can't get a wireless connection under Windows 7. Troubleshooter says network adapter not connected. Intel adapter failed the association test. I updated all network adapter at the Intel download site and have tried uninstalling and re-installing in normal ansd safe mode. This appears to be quite an issue for some Win 7 users that M$ has failed to address. See this link...,

      Wifi connectivity issues with Win 7 fresh install - Microsoft Community

      This is a HUGE problem for windows 7 users. Why M$ has not addressed this issue is beyond my comprehension.

      I'm scouring this post which has over 100,000 views...,http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-networking/windows-7-wireless-connection-problem-no-wireless/43f61a9c-069b-49ab-9f5b-f52ec2b1ef7e

      Here are some screen captures that may help you understand the issue I'm facing...,chipset update intel.PNG

      computer management wlan.PNGdevice manager network adapters broadcom intel.PNGinitial connection attempt no joy.PNGintel power management disallow.PNGintel resources.PNGintel wifi driver.PNGIntell wireless wifi link 4965ag.PNGnetwork connections ipv4 ipv6.PNGrefer to help section.PNGtrouble shooter 1.PNGtroubleshoot 2.PNGwired auto config not modified.PNGwireless connection properties.PNGwwan svc start set to automatic apply.PNGTHE BOTTOM LINE HERE, IS, WIRELESS ADAPTER IS SHOWING NOT CONNECTED AND FAILS "ASSOCIATION TEST. I COULD GET WIRELESS UNDER WINDOWS VISTA, BUT CANNOT GET WIRELESS  UNDER WINDOWS 7. ANY HELP FROM THE INTEL WIRELESS WIFI WHIZ KIDS WOULD CERTAINLY BE APPRECIATED. MATT125