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    Intel DP67BG  Not booting.

    Paul v.d Westhuizen



      I'm having a problem, Got my DP67BG board today, fitted everything int my PC case today but my PC is not booting. If i switch it on all the lights is on and my fans is running, but it switch on my pc for about 2 sec then it auto restart not switching on my screen or showing any thing. on my board it shows error code 31. as soon as it switch off there is a red light that flash close to my CPU.


      I'm Running, Intel DP67BG board.

      700W Modxstream-pro PSU.

      Intel I5 chip.

      Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM.


      Please help



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          Any progress with your motherboard? The error code is a cryptic message about the recovery area of the BIOS. The leds near the processor indicate overheating of the processor core and voltage regulator.

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            Paul v.d Westhuizen

            No took the PC to a computer shop but they reported that the motherboard is not working, like i couldn't tel them that, but ja I'm in S.A and got it over Amazon so I'm not sure if any one can help because to wait for a new board if i get one its gonna take at least a month.


            Please all help will help.



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              What you have there is a port 80 error code, which in this case is the last successful step in POST. The next step is where the failure occurs.


              0x31 = Crisis Recovery has initiated

              0x33 = Loading recovery capsule


              Verify that the BIOS Setup Configuration Jumper is in the normal position, pins 1 and 2.


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                What I suggest is you download from Intel the product guide for the board. There's a lot of info in the pdf on correct jumper settings and what various leds display during normal and error conditions.  Then consider taking the board out of the case and starting over. It might even help to remove and re-install the CPU, just to make sure you got that in correctly.  Attaching the heatsink fan can be difficult, sometimes that doesn't go right. With the board out of the case you will have a better idea of whether the fan bracket is fully snapping into place at the four corners.


                You might try putting together the board temporarily for troubleshooting purposes on top of the motherboard box, just to make sure the case isn't shorting out something. I worked in a computer lab and we did that all the time. When you install the PCI-Express video card have the bracket hang over the edge of the box so you know for sure the card is fully seating into the slot.  When you get it all back together power it on and hope for the best.


                I have your model motherboard and it's been working great for some time. I hope you can get yours working.

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                  If you do any out-of-case troubleshooting, make sure to use a static mat so that you don't short the board out. The suggestion of putting the board on top of the case sounds like a recipe for shorting the board to me.


                  Edit: sorry reread the comment to use the motherboard box, that's not ideal but it might work in a pinch.

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                    Paul v.d Westhuizen

                    TX guys,  I'll try it again. But if my bios jumper is on normal it keeps resetting same with configuration mode but if i unplug the jumper and run it in recovery mode it doesn't restart keeps on running but still no display.?

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                      In recovery mode, what does the port 80 code get to? Does it appear to hang up?

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                        Paul v.d Westhuizen

                        still stuck on code 31.

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                          Can you please list the exact system specifications?

                          Video card, memory, cpu?

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                            Paul v.d Westhuizen

                            MSI Nvidia gtx 640.

                            16 GB Corsair Vengeance Ram

                            Intel I5 3.4 cpu.

                            700W Modxstream-pro PSU


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                              What I would like you to do is remove all of the RAM and reboot the machine. Make note if there are beeps or no beeps.

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                                Paul v.d Westhuizen

                                not making any sounds onlu sound is the fans running

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                                  It is possible that the motherboard is bad, but try these tests.


                                  Okay, let's just double check the following

                                  • you have plugged the power supply into the motherboard at two locations (8 pin connection and a 24 pin connection)
                                  • Processor and powers supply fans are running
                                  • Only minimal peripherals are connected: 1 memory stick, cpu, video card


                                  If all of this is true and the system does not behave, re-seat the processor and check the processor pins visually for damage or thermal paste.


                                  Then, if needed, test the power supply. Hopefully you can find a power supply tester, but you may also use a multimeter - be careful with this tool to avoid electric shock.


                                  If all of these test pass reasonably, take the system out of the chassis, it may be shorting on the case somewhere. Configure it in the minimal setup (1 stick ram, gpu, cpu) and avoid placing the board on a metal surface - preferably a static mat is best. Be extra careful to avoid static discharge now. Normally the standoffs will ground the board along with the power supply, but that doesn't apply here.


                                  Let me know how it goes.

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                                    The motherboard should have beeped three times with no memory installed.  I suspect case shorting or processor not seated in socket. That's why I say remove the motherboard from the case and place it on the CARDBOARD BOX and test it there. I am assuming lots of things, like the video card is connected to its power cord and the motherboard boost is connected.

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