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    Help needed concerning Intel microarchitecture(s)

    Mile Midzata



      my name is Mile and I'm postgraduate student in computer science. Please take some time to read my message and let me know if you can help me or perhaps know someone who can. Please note that I don't expect someone else to fulfill my tasks but I've googled and the resources for this topic are very scarce


      As a part of an exam I've read sections from "Modern Processor Design - Fundamental of Superscalar Processors" - John Shen and I should elaborate the P6 microarchitecture’s design, organization, techniques etc. Here's a link from the book:



      I've done that but as a secondary objective I should compare the P6's design, organization, techniques etc. with some of the more recent Intel microarchitecture features. For example in P6's there is a part that predicts the value of certain calculations, so I should make an analogy and compare that feature with the feature of a newer Intel microarchitecture that has the same task in the newer architecture.


      I'm aware that some of the concepts from the P6 microarchitecture are maybe obsolete and might have been tottaly thrown out in the more recent designs but i bet many of the procedures will be similar. In every processor design the instructions have to be brought from memory (fetched), decoded, executed etc.


      QUESTION: So my question is do you know where I can find resources and literature that I'll be able to use in order to acquire knowledge for some of the newer Intel's microarchitectures? It doesn't matter if it is Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge or Haswell as long as I have vast amount of resources.


      Anything will do as long as its writtings are concerning Intel's design and michroarchitectural concepts! Books, scientific papers, lectures, power point presentations, videos anything that will help me to learn about a certain microarchitecture. Anyway I'm not referring to the manufacturer's dataset spreadsheets.


      Here are couple of shots from the book I've been using just so you can gain sense on what I'm working on. I've put the table of content in and marked the chapters that I should work on in red. I've also put pictures from each chapter that presents some concept that is elaborated in each of the chapters:


      Table of contents



      Chapter 4



      Chapter 7



      Chapter 10



      An example of diagram for Sandy Bridge microarchitecture however there was little data where I found this



      Chapter 4 is more general while Chapter 7 and 10 are more important since they deal with more concise data and concepts. So the gist of it is that I want to show how did the P6 microarchitecture evolved over time and got to the point where is today.


      Even if you are not able to help me thank you for taking the time to read my message.


      Best, Mile