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    Emgd driver problem (Given depth (24) is not supported.  (GMA600)


      Hello all !


      I'm working on an embedded project, who get stream with mplayer and display the HD video on a screen (libva used).

      the embedded system can also display image.

      I'll try to be understandable, the system kill mplayer (and freeing correctly memory) when an image is displayed. if a stream is received, we launch mplayer, etc etc... (conclusion : many start / stop of mplayer, causing access to emg_drv.so -> xorg)

      In a random times (more than 1hour), mplayer cannot display anything (or sometimes green screen only). when the bug appears, we can see the %CPU at ~95% on Xorg.

      (mplayer is launched with -vo vaapi)

      Xorg version : 1.9.5

      IEMGD : 1.8

      Graphic proc : GMA600

      At this point, we have tried to use the latest emgd and the error in Xorg.log.0 appears :

      [3085759.259] (II) EMGD(0): Given depth (24) is not supported.

      [3085759.260] (==) EMGD(1): RGB weight 888

      [3085759.260] (==) EMGD(1): Default visual is TrueColor

      [3085759.260] (II) EMGD(1): Chipset: "Intel Atom E6xx Processor"

      [3085759.260] (II) EMGD(0): Detected kernel module from EMGD build 2209

      [3085759.260] (II) EMGD(0): Checking for new style options

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Processing version 7.0 options

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Using configuration 1

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Checking for Atom_E6xx specific configuration.

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Cannot find vBIOS config id

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Falling back to first available id: 1

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Checking for non-chipset specific configuration.

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Setting port_order to 42000

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Setting Tuning WA

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(0): Option processing done!

      [3085759.261] (II) EMGD(1): Using pre-selected DC 0x00400028

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1): Valid Display Configurations:

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1):   DC: 0x00000021

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1):   DC: 0x00400022

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1):   DC: 0x00400028

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1):   DC: 0x00000041

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1):   DC: 0x00000000

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1): Using Display Configuration 0x00400028

      [3085759.266] (II) EMGD(1): Given depth (24) is not supported.

      we have tried to modify that in the configuration file, but nothing changes...

      I'm really blocked,I really need your help guys...

      Apparently I can't update the Xorg server because the GMA600 is only compatible with Xorg-server-1.9.x

      Or maybe its a vaapi Issue...

      Thanks in advance,

      Romain Rodriguez