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    Windows 8 graphic 3000 hd (Blackscreen)


      Dear sir/madam,


      I have a big problem after upgrading to windows 8.

      My screen does not work after the windows loading screen of windows 8.

      I can enter the bios... this means that my display works.


      I also found out that my VGA (external screen) works when my display is black.

      So i went to investigate my Device manage.


      When i turn the "Intel graphic HD 3000" driver off my display will work normal.

      But the resolution is on the lowest, my screen is a stretched and i can't play any game or flash object because it will suck or give an error message.


      Please help me and sorry for any grammar shortcomings.


      Yours Faithfully,



      Windows 8 64 bit

      8 GB ram and 750 HDD

      NVIDIA 630M (Optimus technology) & Intel core I5