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    Windows 8, WiDI and PTV1000

    Fred Jennings

      I have a Netgear PTV1000 that worked perfectly with WiDi in Windows 7.  After upgrading to Windows 8 and spending a full day researching and installing drivers and software from Intel, I finally got WiDi to recognize the PTV1000 and paired it.  When I tried to connect I got this message "This device is not compatible with WiDi on Windows 8."  If have two questions I need help with:  1.  Is this a temporary problem that will be fixed in the near future with another driver update?   2.  If not, can you provide me with a list of compatible devices so I can purchase something that will work?


      T hanks


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          Thank you for your post Fred,

          Please note that in order to use the Intel® Wireless Display Utility; your system must comply with a list of requirements in order to avoid compatibility issues.

          You can check the list of requirements from the following link:



          I hope this helps

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            Ryan OLeary

            I am having the exact same problem, and received the same reply from the same person.

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              Fred Jennings

              Hi Victor.  That didn't help.  I really need you to answer the questions I've asked.  I have the required hardware i5, intel graphics, 6300N.  I have all the lastest software installed.  I spent a whole day doing it.  I need to get something that will work can you please tell me what devices have been tested with Windows 8.  And I would appreciate an answer to each of my previous questions.





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                Fred does your computer have a Intel® 5 Series Mobile Chipset based systems? If so, there is no windows 8 support at this time. I sent a private message to see if they are going to update the drivers of the 5 Series mobile chipset or not? I am in the same boat as you are. My laptop has the HM57 (Series 5 Chipset) To see what chipset you have, look in Device Manager under System devices



                Intel� Wireless Display — Notebook and Ultrabook� system software and drivers for Intel� Wireless Display


                See the note under the wireless display software update.


                If they dont update it, I am going to get either the ASUS WiCast EW2000 and the HP Wireless TV Connect

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                  Fred Jennings

                  I have an i5 2540M Processor with a QM67 Express Chipset.  I believe that my specifications match the requirements as stated and I have downloaded and install the software with no issues - beside the fact that I get the message when I try to connect.

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                    Britton Kocher

                    I have the same problem, been looking for a firmware update or something but no luck. Does anyone have any solutions?

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                      John Smith

                      Wireless version 15.1.1 works well with Windows 8 and the latest WiDi and graphics drivers.  It is the only combination that I got to work with my WiDi adapter.

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                        I have described the issue in my post Widi working on Windows 8 Pro but not through Windows 8 Remote Desktop


                        You have to install an older widi application version which would require an older proset software version also (the same used on windows 7 are ok), this will allows you to connect to your widi device. You will then be able to see the version of your firmware and will be offered to upgrade. Then you put the latest widi and proset software which will then be able to connect the widi device and again either it will offer you automatically or you check the firmware version which will allow you to update to the latest version coming with widi 3.5.40.


                        The problem is because the 3.5.40 is so new that it cannot connect to device with too old firmware. In the previous version of widi, it did not ask to update the firmware automatically but that was ok with the previous version of the widi software.


                        The only thing which does not work, is if you run the widi through windows remote desktop but few people will need that I guess so it won't be an issue




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                          Hazik Anwar

                          I had the same problem on my Toshiba P850 when I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, I have an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 however I managed to fix it....


                          I had WiDi v3.5.40 installed, driver v2875 for my Intel Graphics HD 4000 and Intel Proset Wireless v15.5.6. I tried connecting with another Windows 8 laptop and that connected to my PTV1000 just fine so I checked the versions of the drivers and software it was running and it was running an older version of Intel Proset Wireless. So on my laptop I uninstalled Intel WiDi and Intel Proset Wireless and then installed the latest Windows 7 version of Intel Proset Wireless (Download Center - v15.3.1 - 64 bit or Download Center - v15.3.1 - 32 bit), once I had that installed I reinstalled Intel WiDi v3.5.40 then BAM... "Connected".


                          Hope this works for you too!

                          Thanks, Hazik

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                            It's helps for WiDi, but after that CPUs is 100% loaded always. :-(

                            I check this twice on the two systems ASUS and HP

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                              Dan F

                              Thank you Hazik!  This worked for me too, on a Lenovo IdeaPad P500 from Best Buy.  Uninstalled the WiDi and Proset items, installed the 15.3.1 (64-bit) as you suggested, rebooted, installed WiDi, and now it's working perfectly with the PTV1000.  I hope Intel can fix this regression soon!

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                                Wow....this worked great on my new Samsung laptop running windows 8 and my Netgear NeoTV Pro (NTV200S)

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                                  I was having very similar, if not the exact same, issues with my Netgear PTV2000 & Windows 8.  The problems were, at various stages of the troubleshooting process, the following:


                                  -WiDi App would open, and then close itself within a split second (I was unable to read the error message).

                                  -WiDi App "can not be installed on this platform" (or something to that effect).

                                  -When clicking Scan for Adapters w/in WiDi App, the application wouldn't scan (the screen would flash for a split second as if a scan was going to commence, but it never actually scanned and no adapter was ever found).

                                  -WiDi App would open the Windows 8 'Add A Device' window, but the Add A Device window would never find the PTV2000 adapter.

                                  -WiDi App would initially appear to have connected to the adapter, but could not obtain a network address.

                                  -WiDi App would connect to PTV2000 but then drop the connection after less than 30 seconds.



                                  After hours and hours of trying many fixes found online, John Smith's 12/02/2012 suggestion was the only one that worked for my setup.  WiDi appears to now be functioning as it should...it's been up and running for an hour and hasn't lost a connection.


                                  Here is the list of drivers that it took in order to get WiDi working again:


                                  - PTV2000 firmware (updated from within Widi App ["adapter behavior" menu])

                                  - Intel® HD Graphics 4000 driver: (updated from Device Manager 'scan for updates')

                                  - Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 driver: ("Wireless_15.1.0_s64.exe", downloaded Intel website)

                                  - Intel® Wireless Display Software Widi App ("Setup", downloaded Intel website)


                                  Many, many thanks to all who offered advice as to a fix for this "less than seamless" functionality between Intel WiDi and Windows 8!

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                                    On this case as recommended above you might need to install the Windows* 7 driver for the wireless adapter, you might want to use this link:


                                    Select one of the last two options 32 or 64 bit versions to install depending at the version of Windows 8 that you have in your system.

                                    You might need to download the specific version first and then uninstall your current version of the Intel® proset wireless driver for Windows 8*.

                                    After you are done with that you can try to connect with the wireless display software.