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    DZ77GA-70K and Marvell RAID Driver


      I am trying to configure a Raid 1 set on the Secondary SATA (Marvell controller) on the GA-70K -- the grey connectors. I have two 1 TB SATA III drives installed in these ports and they are detected by the BIOS.  I have a SSD installed on the chipset SATA III port. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.


      I've downloaded and installed the "RAID: Marvell* SATA Driver" from the Intel download page (ver. However, in the BIOS Secondary SATA Controller Config section, there is no choice to set the Secondary SATA Mode to anything other than AHCI -- there is no dropdown control for this setting (as there is for the Chipset SATA Mode setting), just a static 'AHCI". I would expect to be able to set the secondary mode to RAID here.


      I am under the impression that the Marvell controller supports Raid 0 and 1 with the RAID driver. Is this true? Has anybody successfully setup a RAID set on the Secondary SATA?


      BIOS is updated to 0057.


      Thanks for any help!

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          There is no Marvell RAID option ROM included in the BIOS and no mention of Marvell RAID in the product brief so Intel probably only ever intended the Marvell ports as AHCI only, best you can do is setup a mirrored volume in Win7 which will do the same job.

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            rs888 is correct.  And as far as that goes, I don't think the BIOS on the DG77GA-70K will support a third-party RAID controller installed in one of the PCI-e slots, either (although I'd love someone to come up and say that I'm incorrect).

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              Thanks to rs8888 and rbmorse!


              I saw a mention of RAID support on the Secondary SATA controller in a third party review of the motherboard. Seeing the Marvell driver download on the intel site labeled as "RAID: Marvell* SATA Driver" led me to believe that it might work.


              In any event, I have settled for a Win 7 mirrored volume on the secondary SATA controller. I'm using an Intel 520 SSD as a system drive and two WD 1TB SATA III hard drives for the mirror. I tested using the secondary Marvell controller for the SSD -- thinking that I could then setup the RAID volume using the chipset controller. However, according to HD Tune the SSD access was less than half the speed when attached to the secondary controller rather than the primary.


              Thanks again for the help.

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                Yes, a 3rd party RAID controller can be added.


                I am running a Server 2008 solution on this board with an ARECA RAID controller addressing 4 WD 2 Tb drives in RAID 6. Running flawlessly. I added the Areca card after running in RAID 5 from the Intel controller for a while. This is however not a very safe option since you will not be notified if one of your disks crashes (my server is running 24*7 and has no monitor/keyboard/mouse attached to it).