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    DH77DF dead


      Hi, I have been offered a dead Intel DH77DF in as good as new condition for little money. The seller stated to have bought it in April 2012 and it never worked. When he turns it on, it attempts to start but then turns off again by itself. Do you think it could be fixed by flashing the BIOS probably? Just wonder if I should buy or not.



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          My question is " Why the seller do not return it to Intel ".

          In normal procedures, he will be given back a brand new one.

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            I asked the seller that very question by email yesterday. Today I received a reply.

            He said, that he bought the board second hand while it was broken already.

            The seller has not contacted Intel and as far as he knows, the previous owner did neither.

            He suggested me to buy the board and contact Intel by myself.


            Well, that all sounds pretty weird. On the other hand, the broken board is a real bargain.


            By the way, he has given me the following details:

            SN = BTDF21500047

            Batch = CNBT24E01P

            Is there anything I can check?

            EDIT: Hi, I've just spoken with Intel Customer Services.

            A man said that I will not be able to use the warranty as it's only between the original buyer and Intel.

            He suggested to not buy the board.

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              Yes, don't buy it.

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                Hi, I contacted the buyer of this board (via eBay), just to ask whether he was able to fix it. He replied, the backside of the board had some resistors ripped off. He tried to soldier them back on but it didn't work. I'm glad I didn't buy this - the seller was liar.