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    All Media Stutters. Video, Music, And Games. Can't Find Fix. HELP!!

    Devon VP

      For the past 5 months, Completely out of no where, all my media began to play poorly. video, music, and games, both on the web and in my computer, stutter a lot and the audio would crack making a "dubsteb" like sound. I have looked to see if anything is using a lot of resources when this happens but i found nothing abnormal and this happens every single time i play any media. Sometimes it's really bad, sometimes it can be tolerable.


      I've tried removing a bunch of junk software, I've tried cleaning out junk files, I defrag all the time, update as many drivers as i can, tried both Norton and AVG virus scan, found nothing. I've tried upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and still not even a little relief. Please Help.


      System Information


      Computer ManufacturerHewlett-Packard
      Computer Model144C
      Operating System (O/S)Microsoft Windows 8 (Just Upgraded)
      Operating System Build (O/S)(build 9200), 64-bit
      Operating System (version)6.2.9200
      System RAM8.0 GB


      Graphics Product [1]Intel(R) HD Graphics
      Graphics Driver Versionnot detected
      3D AccelerationYes
      Hardware Transform & Lighting SupportYes
      Video Memory1.7 GB
      Vertex Shader Support4.0
      Pixel Shader Support4.0
      Microsoft DirectX* Version11.0


      ModelIntel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz
      Intel Processor analysis toolsIntel Processor analysis tools
      CPU Speed2.7 GHz
      Link to Processor SpecificationLink to Processor Specification


      If you need any more info, Let me know! I have more than basic knowledge on PC's but I'm nothing of a tech expert so i will do my best to cooperate. Thank you sooo much for any help!