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    Updated BIOs for Intel DX58SO now the screen flashes on, then goes black


      So yesterday I updated the BIOs on my Intel DX58SO motherboard and the computer was running fine for about 10 min. Now when I turn the computer on, it looks like it is skipping the BIOs screen and logging into windows. However, the screen goes black after about 2 seconds of the windows login screen being on. When I remove and replace the VGA adapter from my Video card (Radeon HD 6870) the screen flashes on briefly (for about 2 seconds) and then goes black once again. I am trying to roll back my BIOs update with a USB flash drive but I cannot find a proper ISO file that will write to a USB stick. I have done nothing to the computer except update the BIOs, so I think that may be the problem. Also I have tried moving the jumper and the battery. They do not seem to work. Input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.