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    Z68 Chipset [ASUS -V Pro board], ISRT, IRST software, and TRIM


      Here is a question or clarification-request I am submitting to both ASUS and Intel.


      I have the P8Z68-V Pro motherboard released in mid-May, 2011.  I have updated the BIOS to version 606 -- and was thinking to update again to version 707, but not a pressing priority at the moment.


      The board is set up to use a Patriot Pyro 60GB SATA-III SSD as an ISRT cache for a hard-drive on the SATA-II port of the same (intel) controller.  It has been working with magnificent wonderfulness since August 2011.


      Early, when I built the system, I looked into the issue of TRIM for SSD's.  While I gathered that Win 7 supports TRIM without user-intervention, I was aware that it wasn't implemented in RAID although Intel was "aware of it" and "working on it."  Obviously, the ISRT feature requires a RAID configuration in BIOS.


      Now I have revisited this issue, and I find that a later "version 11.x.x.x" of the Intel IRST software implements TRIM for RAID -- which would seem also to cover the case of the RAID0 setup for the SSD in ISRT.


      ASUS has not posted a version of IRST for my motherboard since 2011, and I apparently have a later 10.x.x.x version than the one ASUS posted.

      If I download the 11.x.x.x version of IRST from the Intel web-site, I need to know if it will successfully provide the TRIM feature for my motherboard and specifically the Z68 chipset.


      I am asking for clarification because this system works without fail now, and I don't want to introduce any uncertainty or instability.  But I would like to assure that TRIM is implemented so that I don't have to go through a pile of manual procedures periodically to execute TRIM.


      Thank you.

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          In order to support TRIM on RAID 0 the system needs to have an Intel® 7 Series SATA RAID Controller based or newer (not supported on previous chipset/platforms like Intel® Z68 express chipset).


          It needs Microsoft Windows 7; 32 and 64 bit (all editions and SPs), Microsoft Windows 2008 Server; 32 and 64 bit R2 (all editions and SPs) or newer.


          The RAID 0 volume has to be in ‘Normal’ state; TRIM commands will not be processed to the volume during ‘Rebuild’ or ‘Migration’ states. All the member disks of the RAID 0 volume must be SSDs and all SSDs must report that they support the Data Set Management/TRIM command in their ATA identify data in accordance with the ATA-8 specification.