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    W2600CR W/S board with i350 2xGBE NiC configuration problems IPV4/IPV6

    Ulf Kylenfall



      I am having problems with an Intel W2600CR W/S MoBo. Or more exactly, the NIC on the MoBo.


      The OnBoard NIC is an I350 Dual Ethernet GbE interface.


      We are running W7 x64 Enterprise. The machine has 2* Xeon E5-2620 (6 cores) and 132 GB RAM.

      Latest updates from MS. All Intel drivers are up to date as of Oct. 30, 2012.


      We are using this computer for remote simulations in ANSYS (Mechanical/Structural analysis) and

      the problem is that the remote simulation manager in this WorkStation cannot communicate with the job submitting



      As we tried to troubleshoot, we found out that unless IPV6 was enabled, the NIC would not

      let IPV4 traffic pass through. We simply looses all internet connectivity


      And the IPV6 messes things up with Ansys Remote Simulation Manager.

      My own computer, an HP Z210 can have IPV6 disabled without any similar problem.


      I have browsed through the tabs in the NIC properties in the Hardware Manager Tree and found no

      clue to why this is happening. I can find no setting that (at least as far as I know) would rectify the problem.


      We really need to shut down IPV6 functionality so if there's anyone from Intel out there, I am listening...